Acrylic Infantometer

These acrylic infantometers' strong structure and sturdiness make it quick and simple to use for weighing children up to two years old. Because of the wide form of the board, the baby is carefully guided into the proper posture by the elevated and gently rounded sides. A sleek shape and a big base characterize the provided Acrylic Infantometers. The wide shape makes these products simple to place your infant on the base. The infantometer's clip end may be used to measure a child's length by putting it over the child's foot. The base of the scale is made of sturdy acrylic.

Product Image (SIF1808)

Acrylic Infantometer

Price: 685.00 - 2999.00 INR/Piece

Material : Imported Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet (100% Virgin Monomer Made) Material Thickness : 8MM Body & 3MM Scale Print Laminate Available Size : 18*5 Inches /18*6.5 Inches/ 18*8 Inches/ 18*10 Inches

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Acrylic Infantometer

Price: 500.00 - 2500.00 INR/Piece

Rasper Acrylic Infantometer Baby Height Measuring Scale Infantometer for Baby Height Measurement Portable Foldable Infantometer(18x5 Inches)


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